RHA Dublin Exhibition Openings, Grayson Perry and more Jan 18 2018

Opening of some wonderful exhibitions at the RHA last night. The highlight for me Grayson Perry, The Vanity of Small Differences. I cannot stress enough how much you must see this exhibition. And I'm sure like me, you'll want to go back again for another look to make sure you take it all in. Photos don't do the work justice as the texture is incredible. The drawing may be naive in style but the execution certainly isn't.


Expulsion From No. 8 Eden Close

Also Upstairs Elizabeth Magill: Headland

IMG_1962 copy.jpg
IMG_1967 copy.jpg

Also on show. Niall de Buitléar: Push and Pull, Alex Pentek: Folded Space and Ballinglen Arts Foundation Collection with a worthy fundraiser for a new contemporary arts space. link here




Jacksons Open Painting Prize

Delighted to be longlisted for Jacksons Open Painting Prize 2017. It's a huge privilege to be included in this group of artists. Second image from right on top is mine! Full image of the painting below. 

See Jacksons Open Painting Prize Longlist Here

'Habitat' Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 70cm x 90cm

'Habitat' Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 70cm x 90cm


I've been threatening to try out my Oil Bars for a while now. Had a go today with this sketch on paper. Jury's still out on how much I like them....... I don't use solvents at all when I use oil paints and waxes normally but I find these really sticky and hard to clean up from my hands and a brush that I experimented with. We'll see... I'll have another go soon.  


I was delighted to be part of the wonderful 'Art with a Heart' project to raise funds for Medicines Sans Frontiers work in Syria. All the artists were asked to paint an 8" square canvas panel.

see https://www.facebook.com/artwithaheartforsyria/

This is my piece below. I think I'll have to do a larger canvas of this pose too at some stage. 

DUBLIN CANVAS 'Paint A Box' Commission

You might have seen me out in Chapelizod lately with my paintbrushes. 'Paint A Box', part of Dublin Canvas, is Dublin County Council's initiative to brighten up the traffic boxes around the city. I put forward a proposal and was awarded the Chapelizod commission. 

It needed to be bright but I didn't want it to be garish, so I put quite a lot of thought into the colouring. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 



Peterson of Dublin Commission

Latest commission for Peterson of Dublin (Makers of pipes, cigars and tobacco blends). This piece will hang in their office suite. Photos of piece in-situ coming soon.
'Shopping At Peterson' 1800cm x 800cm

'Shopping At Peterson' 1800cm x 800cm


National Youth Council of Ireland – 1916 Proclamation Youth Project

I have been invited by NYCI to collaborate on this Youth Arts project. I have a pretty good working knowledge of print from my days working as a graphic design consultant with Jevons Brown in London, so this should be really interesting.

In the Spring of 2016, the National Youth Council of Ireland, with the support of the National Print Museum, are working with two Youth Groups, local to the Museum, on a project centred on the 1916 Proclamation. The project involves young people being introduced to the history of the Proclamation by the staff and volunteer printers at the National Print Museum. A member of NYCI will introduce the groups to a toolkit, which will engage the young people in the idea of being a citizen and their notions about the country they would like to live in. Subsequent to this engagement, each youth group will produce their own proclamations. Once produced an artist will work with each youth group to create and design the proclamation posters.

The Youth Groups involved in the project are from St. Andrews Resource Centre, Pearse Street and the Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre. 


This project is supported by Dublin City Council’s 1916 Rising Commemoration Fund.

Lots to see at RHA

One of my stops on Culture Night in Dublin was the RHA. Great music, great exhibitions.

Really loved the drawings and stone carvings in the foyer by Michael Quane. Drop in to see them if you get a chance. 

Upstairs is inhabited by performance artist, Amanda Coogan at the moment and the Ashford Gallery's show is Gary Coyle's 'Into The Woods'. Beautifully worked, dense charcoal drawings. 

Michael Quane

Michael Quane

Amanda Coogan

Amanda Coogan

Storytelling Workshop in Collaboration with Art Historian Jean Ryan

Yesterday was the last in a series of workshops I undertook in collaboration with Art Historian Jean Ryan in Dublin Castle. The sessions organised by Temple Bar Cultural Trust and Dublin Castle ran over the summer. The workshops began with Jean telling the story behind an artwork from the Castle, sometimes historical, sometimes modern. Having heard the story the participants were passed onto me where they were encouraged to create an artistic response to the piece. Only after this were they allowed to see the piece itself. 

The sessions were wonderful. Some of the responses were drawings and paintings but some were  literary and even books. When we finally encountered the featured piece, it was with a much greater insight into the work.

One of the wonderful responses from yesterday.

One of the wonderful responses from yesterday.