NYCI Residency - Ringsend & Irishtown 1916 Project - 2016

Throughout the four workshops;

  • We explored the history of the proclamation and the history of the letterpress printing used.
  •  We explored what proclamations we would make ourselves and how we would 'proclaim' our views in this age.
  • There was a feeling in the beginning that "it's just history". In order to help the youths connect, we had poster size mock Facebook pages where our 'proclamations' were our statuses and our friends in the group could comment on them. (Great fun!)
  •  Foam lettering and printing inks were used to practice our own letterpress printing.  

We did want to produce a final artwork to express the workshop. This took the shape of a large impression of the GPO (artistic licence used!) with posters attached to the columns. It was decided Irish language should be used. This artwork was our expression of the subjects believed to be most important and how they should be the 'pillars' of our community  going forward. 

Everybody is very proud of it. Hope you like it. 

NYCI Artist in Youth Work Residency– 2015

Collaboration with OPW, Dublin South West Inner City Network (SWICN)

Time to deliver: 4 months

Disciplines: Collaboration, Research, Workshop Design and Deliverance, Mapping, Street Art, Drawing, Painting, Portraiture, Pop Art, Written Word, Recycled materials, Collage, Evaluation, Documentation, Film recording

Other contractors involved: Film produced by NCYI

This project took place in an afterschool club in Francis Street, and it’s environs in the ancient Liberties area of Dublin. It was decided that it would take the form of a mapping project. Through a series of creative workshops we explored themes such as identity, sense of belonging, media and globalisation. We questioned our place and the place of our immediate locality in the scheme of the wider world.

I was adament that the project was steered by the participants themselves and workshops included ‘selfies’ drawings, pop art portraiture, buildings from memory, maps as Mondrians and graffiti lettering.

The project was essentially process based but the workshop series culminated in a large collaborative artwork.

Dublin Castle - Street Art Workshop Series - 'Art Attack' 2013

Creative workshops designed and delivered in response to Dublin Castle and its environs in collaboration with the Office of Public Works & Temple Bar Cultural Trust.

The series was delivered in Dublin Castle in September 2013 to teens from St. Andrews Resource Centre, Pearse St, Dublin.  This series ‘Street Art Workshops’ consisted of 4 x 2 hour workshops and culminated in a large graffiti covered banner of the Dublin Castle Coach House. This final artwork was taken to St. Andrews Resource Centre for exhibition.

The programme incorporated the history and background of graffiti. Starting with the basics of ‘bubble writing’, ‘style writing’ and character drawing, participants were encouraged to create their own style before drawing up designs and completing their own large group masterpiece. 

Surrealism and Contemporary Collage (7-12 years)

'Surrealism Workshops' with 7-12 year olds. Collage and 'Splash Paintings'. The workshop was inspired by a surrealist exhibition I saw at GOMA in Brisbane, Australia in 2010. I may have benefited more from this than the kids. Their total lack of inhibition was inspirational.

Surrealism, Pop Art and Collage (55-70 years)

We all remember the sixties right? Well these guys did and the ones that didn't claimed the others weren't really there! Loads of fun, quality banter.