Waterford Regional Hospital Neo Natal Clinic

Per Cent for Art Commission

Having been on the Waterford Healing Arts Trust Panel, I was shortlisted to propose artworks for Waterford Hospital's new Neo-Natal Dept in August 2012. I was awarded the contract in Sept 2012 and the work was completed in Dec 2012.

The theme for the proposal is 'The Family Portrait'.

The Neo-Natal Dept of any hospital can be a highly stressed and emotional environment. The artwork is intended to be light hearted, bright and to engage staff and visitors (mainly family members, of all ages).

As the work engages the viewer and seeks for them to complete the images themselves, it becomes a conversation piece. The four smaller pieces have been installed in the hallways and the larger piece, the triptych, has been located in the waiting area.

Line drawings have also being supplied of the artworks, so that they can be made available in the waiting area, with coloured pencils. The images can be completed by the viewers, especially younger family members, therefore interacting with the artworks in a very personal and individual way. It is envisaged that these drawings can be collected and compiled in the future with a view to analysing their various completions.